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Our Outstanding results make us the 1st choice for chiropractic care in the Whittier, CA.

Testimonial by Chelsea


I go to Dr. Salha whenever I have spinal or joint or any kind of pain and it takes only one treatment to feel much better. Once he did energy healing on my abdominal/ovarian pain and I got immediate relief. I occasionally get alignment whenever I need it. He's very good chiropractor & holistic healer.

Testimonial by Robert A.


I came to Dr. Salha with severe pain in my lower back and down my right leg and also severe pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades and shoulders and my lower back ribs which was due to an injury in the gym. The pain was very intense and intolerable I had to quit my physically demanding job in a ware house which entails a lot of heavy lifting and twisting and bending 7 hours a day. I also suffered from severe migraine headaches twice a week, with medication lasts up to 24 hours with nausea and very bad sensitivity to light and noise. I also have ADHD in which I can't focus, having difficulty paying attention, hyperactive and can't keep still, impulsive and argumentative and poor memory and foggy brain. It's like I can't function. I am also diagnosed with Bibolar Depression. In another words, I am a mess. After Dr. Salha examined me, he noticed weakness in my right leg and right shoulder muscles and he told me that he can help me with all my problems if I commit to Chiropractic and natural healing treatments. Thank God I felt great relief from the pain and my right leg and shoulder became stronger from the first treatment. And when he did energy healing, in which I was skeptical at first, I immediately felt very light and my shattered mind became blank and peaceful for the first time ever. I was very happy and for the first time I felt that I can overcome my so many debilitating health problems. My migraine headache is gone from just couple of treatments and I feel much better physically and emotionally. What is so great about Dr. Salha, that every time I come to see him he checks me before, during and after treatment to make sure I am responding well to whatever he is doing and also he is so knowledgeable that he combines chiropractic with other treatments to get quick and fast optimum results. He is very thorough and very caring and works from the heart. I am feeling much better and I highly recommend him for any health problem you might have. I am truly appreciative.

Testimonial by Melanie R.


I started seeing Dr. Salha after my mom got immediate relief from severe foot pain and spinal and elbows pain. Now he is treating her for a skin problem and glandular congestion and swelling. I was suffering from bad pain in my tail bone area and hips and lower back which was weakening my left thigh, and from mid-upper back and the right side of my neck and shoulder. The pain increased during and especially the last few months of my pregnancy. My tail bone area and legs were hurting a lot when i stand or walk. He told me that my misaligned hips were causing disc herniation in my lower back and legs pain and weakness. From the first treatment I was walking with much less pain and discomfort in my tail bone area and legs and I felt overall better. I only saw him already 3 times and feeling a lot better. Then he saw my father who is suffering from diabetes, high stress and fatigue and my sister that gets migraine headaches and has elbow pain since childhood and stiff shoulders, neck pain and PMS symptoms and brother for various health issues and are all doing very well. Now Dr. Salha is our family doctor. Today i made an appointment for my father in law to see him. He is very gentle and caring and confident with his work. I am telling everybody about him.

Testimonial by Adib S.


Dr. Salha helped me a lot with severe lower back, neck and between shoulders and legs pain. He made sure that I felt better from the first treatment. After few sessions I felt a big difference although I don't come as regular as he wants me to. Thank you Dr. Salha and I’ll try to do my treatments as you recommend.

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